The Bulgarian Association for Trenchless Technologies (BATT) was founded in 2007 to support the development of trenchless technology through its promotion on theory and in practice. Members of the association are water supply and sewer companies, design engineers and representatives from the academic circles. The association is a mediator of the world experience in trenchless construction and rehabilitation of underground infrastructure. BATT is the first affiliated member of ISTT in South-East Europe and is also a member of Bulgarian Construction Chamber and Bulgarian Water Association.

BATT is an organizer of various public events like conferences and demonstrations connected with trenchless technologies in the country as well as in the region, e.g. The First National Conference and The First Balkan Conference with demonstrations of trenchless technologies. Guests of the two events are representatives of the state and local authorities in Bulgaria, companies in the utility sector, foreign and Bulgarian companies specialized in trenchless technologies application. 

BATT successfully cooperates with other members of ISTT. A proof of this is the National Conference with Demonstration – Sustainable Management of Water Infrastructure in Bulgarian Municipalities, organized together with the Japanese Society for Trenchless Technologies in 2012.


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