BATT shared its experience during International seminar

02 April 2008


„Microtunelling for the first time in Bulgaria” -  this was the presentation, presented by Mr. Stefan Zhelyazkov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Trenchless Technology, during an international seminar “Modern approaches for water supply and sewerage construction”, held on March 31st in Rila Hotel, Sofia. 
Bulgarian Water Association was the organizer of the event.  
Attendants in the forum were representatives of the German and Hungarian Water Associations, representatives of the academic societies from Bulgaria and Germany, as well as representatives of the business in Germany, Poland, Hungary, 
Austria, Italy, Belgium and Bulgaria. The main highlight of the forum was the presentation of Mr. Stefan Zhalyazkov, Chairman of the Bulgarian Association for Trenchless Technologies.  
The experience in the application of microtunelling trenchless technology at existing sewerage shift at metrostation No.8 near the University of Sofia, that was shared during the forum aroused a great interest among the participants. The project was realized in the autumn of 2006.  


Another accent of the forum was the future of trenchless technologies in rehabilitation of water mains. Our Polish colleagues of PETT shared their view on this issue which is very important for water supply and sewerage sector development in Bulgaria. 
The idea which was generated in the forum for holding another forum with accent on water mains rehabilitation, was supported by all participants.