Project Dondukov Blvd.


Project “Dondukov Blvd.” – in front of the Council of Ministers

In connection with the construction of Metro Station No.7 in 2005, a temporary sewer had to be constructed under the “yellow pavements”, in front of Presidency and Sheraton Hotel in Sofia. Water had to be taken off , so that the main contractor would be able to construct the designed metro sewer using microtunnelling method. In the same time, in order a temporary sewer to be constructed, it was inevitable that Knyaz Aleksander Dondukov Blvd. would be excavated, the road – closed and the traffic – extremely impeded. This brought about the necessity for the project to be realized in not so conventional way, and in this case it was the trenchless technology.

This technology is extremely suitable for urban conditions, when rivers, railways and others have to be crossed. With its 13-year experience in the field of trenchless technologies Raicommerce Construction AD took the responsibility of fast and high-quality construction of the sewerage without overloading of traffic.   

On August, 18-th 2005 a team from Raicommerce Drilling Division started drilling by means of Grundodrill 12G machinery. To be absolutely honest we would say that the diameter of the pipes was not large – 180 mm, and the length of the path was equal to 15 m., passing under the boulevard. However, the required drilling depth was 3 m., where the soil consisted mainly of rocks which troubled the operation of the drilling machinery.

The company encountered similar obstacles also during 2007 at the job site of Knyaz Aleksander Dondukov Blvd., where the assignor was Sofiiska Voda AD. In spite of the difficult terrain, however, the team implemented the drilling successfully and within few hours the job was completed. We are extremely proud of the fact that due to the efficiency and the problems with the traffic that were avoided, the company got special appreciation and references from the Presidency!

Brief information about the contractor

Raicommerce company was founded in 1991 with its main activity water main, sewerage and road construction. In 1994 Raicommerce was the first company in Bulgaria that bought machinery for trenchless laying of pipelines and in the next year prepared the first technological project for pipelines construction by means of trenchless construction of horizontal openings, coordinated with MRDPW. In 2000 the company bought the first directional drilling machine (DDM) in the country, and in 2007 - trencher T655 Commander.

The company is ISO 9001:2000 and OHSAS 18001:1999 certified, it is a member of a number of associations and carries on an active social politics. Up to now the employees in Raicommerce Construction AD exceed 400, and the machines in the machinery stock are more than 150. During the years of its existence, the company has constructed more than 50 000 km of sewerage, over 80 000 km. of water mains, of which 3000 km. are constructed using trenchless technology.

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